събота, 29 март 2014 г.

Mint French & Flowers


I did my nails yesterday so here they are now ->

Gorgeous colour, isn`t it?

It`s from the brand Perfect and the number is 158. I applied it in only one coat on the french- it`s opaque enough.

Perfect 158

Perfect 158
Perfect 158

Perfect 158

Perfect 158

On the middle and index nails I made two- coloured french with the polish itself and black acrylic paint.

On theese two nails I painted flowers in emerald colour and made some swirls.

In the middle of the flowers I placed emerald green crystal.
On the other nails I painted black swirls.
And finished with Seche Vite top coat.

And finally, I wanted to show you my daughter`s little ladybugs that made her soooo happy :) ->


Here is the same design on shorter, natural nails ->

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