неделя, 24 ноември 2013 г.

My daughter`s Angry Birds nails

Here I go again!

In this post you`ll se something I`m doing for first time.
I mean not only the decoration but theese are my little daughter nails. She`s 5 years old and she always wanted to have something painted on her nails. I don`t think it`s nice though to see small child with polish on her nails. My opinion. That`s why I`ve never polished her nails so far (if this can be called "polished nails" because it`s only on two nails LOL). Anyway, enaugh talking let`s see the decoration - Angry Birds!

She has everything you can have on mind with Angry Birds- toys, bags, clothes, pens and so on...
And that`s why she was sooooo happy when I painted her favourite Stella bird.

Together with the Stella bird on the other hand I painted the Female Red Bird (same as on the bag bellow, as you can see) ->

Both are hand- painted with acrylic paints.

You can imagine how happy she is now with her new nails :)

Hope you`ve enjoyed the little mani as much as she did!

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