понеделник, 18 ноември 2013 г.

Do You Lilac It?


Today I`m asking one question- do you lilac it? LOL

No, seriously, this is the name of the polish you`ll see in today`s post ->

I`m talking about the lilac polish on the non- decorated nails- it`s Opi Do You Lilac It? , apllied in two coats.

The decoration I`ve made long time ago using flat brush and acrylic paints (as it is on the uv gel ring used in the pic). You can see the old decoration here. This time, I made the gradient using a piece of sponge and polishes (Flormar 424, BK Hello Kitty 27 and dark purple from The New Black purple ombre set).
Then I painted the lines and dots with acrylic paints and added the hexagon glitters in a row.

The ring is made from UV gel long time ago and was used only to match in the pic.

Finished with Seche Vite top coat.

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