сряда, 10 септември 2014 г.

Yes Love G1-5 - three manis, one polish

Here is the second post for today. It will contain three different manis with one same thing- the polish used. And that polish is Yes Love G1-5 - white based polish with bigger and smaller neon glitters.

Design No.1- Bows

The polish is applied on the non decorated nails. 

On the others I made V- french in white and cute bows in bright orange above.
Finished with Poshe top coat.

Design No.2- Tweety & Bugs Bunny

Again the polish is applied on the non- decorated nails.
On the other I applied white polish as a base first.

Then, over the white base, I placed waterdecals of the cute Tweety bird and Bugs Bunny.
Finished again with Poshe top coat.
A small accent here is the ring, which is made from UV gel and is polished with the same polish ->

And design No.3- French

Only one pic here, because there is nothing special. Here the polish is applied on two nails by hand as an accent and on the others I made white french.

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