петък, 5 септември 2014 г.

Flowers Garden

Hello again.

This time the nails are in bright and fresh colours.

Starting from pinky to pointer with the polishes used: 
-pinky- Golden Rose Rich Color 44;
-middle- Avon- Pastel Pink;
-pointer- Brooklin F6 over white base.

On the index and thumb nails I painted many flowers- a flowers garden using same coloured acrylic paints as the polishes.

Finished with Poshe top coat.


A day later I made the same desing only this time I used gel polishes over natural nails ->

It looks almost the same as the one with regular polishes.
And here are the polishes used for this mani:
-pinky- Bluesky gel polish 547;
index nail (base)- Bluesky gel polish 504;
-middle- Bluesky gel polish A84;
-pointer- Bluesky gel polish Neon N08 over white base.

The flowers are painted again with acrylic paints.
Sealed with Bluesky gel polish top coat.

And here they are both ->

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