сряда, 3 септември 2014 г.

Black French & Neon Dry Glitter


I have many things to show you but I don`t have much time to write recently. So now I`m showing you my natural nails, how I did them yesterday using gel polish and dry glitter ->

For the base of the french nails I used Bluesky gel polish 536 in a single coat and then used 518 to make the french and the black nails.

Then  finished the black nails with Bluesky matte top coat and the others with No wipe top coat.

Over the matte base I started painting the swirly elements using Bluesky gel polish Stripping pens and making one colour by one, spreaded them with same colour dry glitter and cured them.

It was a lot work but I really like the final result. Althought it makes me crazy because the dry glitter is not covered with top coat and after curing you can guess how it hangs everywhere and everything. LOL
Anyway, hope you like it! :)

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