вторник, 25 февруари 2014 г.

Step by Step Four Leaf Clover & Martenitsa

A Step by Step tutorial, just in time for the upcoming holiday here in my country- 1st of March - 'Baba Marta'. We have a tradition to give and recieve martenitsi on that day so here is one idea of making a nail decoration in this spirit.

Here is what you`ll need:
- base coat, white polish, top coat, white, black, red, light and dark green acrylic paint, regular and detailed brush.

Now let`s see the steps:

1. Apply the base coat and make the french in white.
2. When it`s dry start painting the leaves of the four leaf clover with light green paint. Make the leaf heart- shaped.

3. Paint the rest three leaves.
4. Make the handle of the four leaf clover and some thin dark green lines in the middle of each leaf.

5. Outline with black paint.
6. Make the tie of the martenitsa with white paint where you want it to be.

7. Add the red lines to make it look like martenitsa.
8. Outline it with black paint.

9. Don`t forget to apply top coat as a final step!


Hope you`ve enjoyed the tutorial and here is a sneak peek of what the next tutorial will be very soon ->

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