сряда, 19 февруари 2014 г.

Hot Pink with a Kiss

Good evening all!

Late post from me today but I couldn`t resist not to show you this ->

Hot! Hot! Hot!
As the colour itself :)
The polish used is from BK Hello Kitty No.16 and I got it from Born Pretty Store but unfortunately they don`t sell them anymore... Too bad. They were just as cute as the kitty itself.
The polish is applied in two coats and here is how the polished nails looked after I placed them under a lamp for a few seconds ->

Yes, the polish is luminous and it lights in the dark. :)

On the index nails I made a french in the same colour and then stamped white kiss using KD16 stamping plate which I also have from Born Pretty Store (click the name of the plate to find it in their store).
Use the code RADIG10 to get -10% discount.

Finished with Opi top coat.

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