неделя, 23 февруари 2014 г.

Black & White - French & Butterflies

The classic french here is decorated with black and white butterflies.

The butterflies are stamped using Bundle Monster BM-307- I used only one butterfly of a decoration for the whole nails, and stamped it in black and white over the index and middle finger nails.

Painted some black wavy lines around them and placed a few silver rhinestones.
Finished the nails with a coat of Opi top coat.


A few days later I made the same decoration on another nails :)

And here is one pic with the nails before the uv gel refill, 6 weeks old.

Аnd one more time, another nails ->

Аnd another nails, this time without the rhinestones ->

And this time on natural nails with gel polish and only with black french ->

I used Bluesky gel polish 518 for the french and Bluesky 504 for the base.

And another one ->

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