сряда, 5 февруари 2014 г.

Step by Step Cherry Blossom


Today I`ll show you an easy step by step tutorial with cherry blossom ->

And here is what you`ll need for making it:

- pink polish, black, white, pink, yellow and brown acrylic paint, flat and detailed brush, dotting tool, top coat.

As always, the steps:

1.Apply one or two coats of the pink polish and let it dry well.
2. Take with the two ends of the flat brush white and pink acrylic paint.

3. Make one flower in the middle of the nail as you let the white paint stay outside.
4. Make part of another flower bellow that one.

5. Paint the sprigs with brown paint. Make one short wavy line in the middle of the flower.
6. Using the dotting tool make some dots around the sprigs. 

7. Make some yellow dots above the line in the middle of the flowers.
And apply top coat.


That`s it! Hope you like it and don`t forget to show your try when you do it. :)

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