сряда, 22 януари 2014 г.

The Minions

Good morning!

For today I have a yellow animation... the cute Minions!

I decided to paint them on my nails because a few days ago I recieved my moving eyeballs for nail art from KKCenterHk and I thought they`ll match them perfectly.

You can find the moving eyes in the link bellow ->

The box contains 40 pieces, with size of 3mm each, for the price of $5. You can order them from any point of the world because they ship international. For -10% discount you can use the code radi-d.

I tried to capture the moving eyes in a short video so here it is ->

As you can see, I even painted a Minion on a tip- they`re so cute with theese moving eyes! :-D

Back to my nails.

I made the yellow french using BK Hello Kitty 22 on two coats.

BK Hello Kitty 22
BK Hello Kitty 22

The Minions are all hand- painted with acrylic paints. And finished the nails with Seche Vite top coat.

Now you tell me what do you think? Do you like them?


Here they are on shorter, natural nails and with white french ->

6 коментара:

  1. what a cool fun cute mani! I love how you have used the moving eyes and the minions are adorable well done!

  2. Blows my mind how talented some people are! So, so cute!! Even if I could ever in a million years do this with my right hand, there is no way I could ever paint with my left hand. You rock :)

    1. Thank you very much! There is a way to paint your right hand with your RIGHT hand lol and it`s called "Transfer technique" - you can find how to do this, if you don`t know already, when you click this label in my blog. ;)