събота, 4 януари 2014 г.

New from Born Pretty Store

Hello again for today.

This time I`ll show you what new I recieved theese days from Born Pretty Store.

As usual, you`ll see every product in different pic with a link directly to  their store.

Let`s start with the two new colours from the BK Hello Kitty polishes.

I just love theese cute little bottles! :) This time the numbers of the polishes are #29 and #25- light blue creme and orange neon.

Unfortunately, I can`t find them in their site after the renew. :-/ I don`t know if they don`t sell them anymore or it`s just missing link...

Moving ahead with the next product- the black UV gel.

1pc Solid Colors Pure Opaque Color UV Gel Builder Nail Art -12 colors in

As you can see it`s sealed perfect to protect the gel from spilth.
And here it is inside the box ->

The blackest black. :)

Next are the waterdecals- 3 different types of waterdecals, same way of usage ->

1 sheet Peacock Butterfly Nail Water Decals Sticker Transfer Sticker - B110

1 sheet Flower Patterns Nail Water Decals Sticker Transfer Sticker - 1617

1 sheet Nail Water Decals Sticker Fancy Colorful Feather Transfer Sticker #1737-1748 - 1739

And the last product from the first pic are the pink silicone toe separators ->

1 Pair Pink Silicone Nail Toes Setting For UV Gel Acrylic Nail Art

They`re very soft and sutable for every type of toes ->

And that`s it for now. Soon I`ll show you one prize I won in a giveaway, organized from Born Pretty Store- lucky me! :-D

In the meantime, don`t forget to visit Born Pretty Store and choose your favourite things to buy.
Use the code RADIG10 to get -10% discount.
And don`t forget they have international free shipping! :)

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