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Hello everyone!

As I promissed you yesterday, today I`ll show you what I got from W2Beauty.

I won a giveaway organized from them and my prize was the Ice tumbler and the sun block milk but Alice was nice enough to send me some more cute things and here they are ->

I`ll try to be useful and show you every item with direct link to the store.
Starting with the wonderful Ice Tumbler from Etude House which saved me in the hot days from my vacation. :)

Look at the cute bow, placed over the straw to regulate the dept of the straw ->

You can find it here ->

Next is the sun protection milk by MISSHA ->

Perfect sun protection, tested as well. :)
Here is how it looks and haw the skin looks after you put some->

The link ->

The bright orange box contains even more bright lipstick from Etude House ->

The colour is bright orange to red. But what impressed me more was the stamped heart of Etude House` logo ->
How cute is that?

And here it is on my skin ->

You can find it in the link bellow in No.8 (OR219) ->

And here it is on my lips ->

Next is the cute candy cane stick in yellow ->

It smells like citrus fruits and it looks like this when you apply it on the skin ->

I left the nail polish for the end of my post because I didn`t find a link to it in the store.

It doesn`t mean it`s not cute though.
I`ll try to show it to you on my nails very soon. :)

So that`s it from me for now. If you need something from Korean brands like Etude House, MISSHA, The Faceshop etc.  W2Beauty is the best place to place an international order. :)

See you soon!

*Some of the products in this post are provided for review*

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  1. Страхотна награда си спечелила! Благородно ти завиждам! Червилото изглежда супер готино. :)

    1. Благодаря ти! Аз не съм сигурна дали на моя тен ще отива това оранжево червило, но ще се пробва :)

  2. Oh, that Ice Tumbler is to die for, sooo cute! I guess it works perfect with the nail polish. :)