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Dazzling Magical polish and Swarovski crystals from Born Pretty Store


I`ll show you two of the products I recieved with my last package from Born Pretty Store - the blue shimmer polish and the Swarovski crystals.

Starting with the beautiful polish- Ku Ni 010.

1pc Dazzling Magical Colorful Glitter Nail Art Polish Varnish DIY Color

There are 10 shades you can choose from. I chose the last one- 010.

It`s applied in a single coat over black polish on the accent nail and on the other nails topped using a smashed ball of kitchen transparent foil (same effect it will have if you use a piece of sponge).

The polish overflows from blue to pink and is very opaque even in one coat, as you can see for yourself.
The brush is flat and comfortable for applying.
I love, love, love the bottle! Here are some pics and in the back of the bottle ->

On my index nails I added a little Swarovsky crystal you  can find here ->

20pcs Shiny Coloful Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones Acrylic UV Gel Nail Art Decoration

There are two different sizes you can choose from - SS5 (1mm) and SS10 (2,5mm).
Mines are the smaller ones.

Check out the links I gave you to find even more fabulous things for nails at 
Use the code RADIG10 to get -10% discount prices.
I`m very pleased with the perfect customer services and with the fact that they have international free shipping!

*Products provided for review*

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  1. Like this one, I now want to buy a crystal jewelry, Swarovski liked, but I do not know that a good pick money, you help to the point.

    1. You can find a lot of Swarovski- look like (because I daubt they`re real Swarovski for that money LOL) rhinestones on ebay or at this site I took mines-

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