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Nail Foil from Born Pretty Store

Hello again!

The second post is with review of a nail foil from Born Pretty Store ->

You can find it in the link bellow ->

Dazzling Starry Mixed Metals Nail Art Roll Foils Glitter Transfer Stickers Paper UV Deco - No. 26

The size of the foil band is 113cm length and 2,5cm width. Comes in a plastic box so it can`t be smashed while transporting.

It`s transparent and I tried it alone by itself and with white base.
Here it is applied alone, directly on my nail ->

And here it is applied over white base on my  middle and index nail ->

The important thing is the base polish to be completely dry before applying the foil otherwise it will ruin the base and, as you can see in my pic, I got some small holes in my polish.

There are 27 different patterns of nail foils and you can see them in the link I gave you at the beginning of my post.
If you want you can use my code RADIG10 to get -10% off of the prices.

Visit Born Pretty Store for more nail art stuffs. They offer free worldwide shipping and great customer services.

*Product provided for review*

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  1. Отговори
    1. Yes, it`s so delicate and gentle! But I should have let the polish to dry a little longer...

  2. Le rendu de ce foil est vraiment sympa et délicat. Ce qui est bien c'est qu'on peut en mettre sur toutes les couleurs =)

    1. Ouais, je voulais tellement cette discrétion peut être mis sur n'importe quel terrain.