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Step by Step New Year`s decoration


As I prommissed, here is the Step by Step photo tutorial of my previous post- New Year`s decoration.

First- things you`ll need to make this design:

Base coat, Colour polish (I chose Opi- On her majesty`s secret service), top coat, white, black, gold and silver acrylic paint, regular and detailed brush and a dotting tool.

Now let`s start.
1. Apply the base coat and let it dry well ->

2. Make the french with the colour polish ->

3. Using the white paint make one thicker line at the beginning of the french ->

4. Again using the white paint make some tinny lines above and bellow, starting from the thicker white one ->

5. Make some tinny black lines over the white ones ->

Now we`re starting the decoration on the index nail.
6.Using the gold and silver paint draw two Christmas toys- balls as the silver one is its half ->

7. Using the black paint and the detailed brush outline the toys and paint the ornaments on them. Paint also a string where the balls are hanging ->

8. Using the dotting tool make some black dots over the string and smaller white ones over them ->

9. If you want you can decorate the other nails on their free space as you paint snowflakes or little twinkle stars, as I did ->

10. Cover all with a coat of top coat and you`re ready! :)

Now you know how to make your own nails look like mine!
Hope it`s useful to you! :)

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