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Step by Step 'Christmas in Blue'

Hello friends!

As you can see from the name of this post- it`s from the Step by Step section.

I painted this tip today, inspired by someone on the internet.

Step by Step 'Christmas in Blue'

Without more talking let`s see what you`ll need for making this beauty:

Base coat, black and blue polish (or just a blue one- it depends of the polish), top coat, white, black and silver acrylic paints, regular and detailed brush, 2 smaller srystals and 1 bigger, silver gliter nail art polish.
Things you`ll need

1. Apply the base coat and let it dry well.
2. Make the black french (or directly the blue one and miss the next step).

3. Apply the blue polish over the black.

4. Using the silver glitter polish underline the french and strech some lines down as icicles.

5. In one end of the french paint white fir twig using the detailed brush.

6. Paint two silver bows hanging from the twig.

7. Outline the bows using black paint and place the crystals in them- the bigger one in the middle of the bigger bow and the smaller crystal in the smaller bow.

8. In the free space above the french you can paint a snowflake as it`s shown on the pic.

9. Continue with the snowflake.

10. Place the other small crystal in the middle of the snowflake.

11. Cover with top coat.

And that`s it! You can make the design and without the snowflake, but I prefered to fill the space :)

Christmas in Blue

Hope you enjoy it!
Happy Holidays!

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