неделя, 17 август 2014 г.

French with Chameleon effect

First I made the white french. And then added the black elements with acrylic paint. The chameleon polish I used is Seventeen 539 applied in two coats but the effect could be seen hardly only on the pic bellow ->

Added the white dots and finished with Seche Vite top coat.

You can see similar design in different colour here -> French

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  1. This polish by Seventeen is gorgeous - I do like iridescent polishes. I remember seeing it in Polishinail Shop early last year and wish I had bought it now! It looks amazing! Interesting take on the french style I like it :-)

    1. In fact, it`s the second time I use this polish. It`s really interesting colour but I don`t like dark polishes maybe that`s why I don`t use it often. But I can remember how much I wanted to have it before I buy it. :)