неделя, 24 август 2014 г.

Color changing gel polish


Again missed a few days but now I have a few things to show you.
First is with colour changing gel polish over my natural nails ->

It`s Bluesky color changing gel polish TC024, applied in two coats.
When it`s hot it`s blue ->

Then, when you cold a little your hands, it becomes a little darker ->

And when it`s really cold they all become purple, dark purple ->

Here is the contrast between cold and hot ->

On the index nails I applied Bluesky 535 as a base first and then made a french using Bluesky 501. Over it I applied a flower waterdecal with blue and purple flowers to match my color changing polish.

Finished with Bluesky gel polish top coat.

Here is a video I made to see the effect :)

And here are my nails before I change the gel polish on them, two weeks old ->

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