неделя, 10 август 2014 г.

Cats waterdecals from Born Pretty Store

Hello there!

I`m back again after one week vacation. I have a few things to show you so I`m starting with the first one- my nails ->

As you see from the title, the cats are waterdecals from Born Pretty Store. I have both designs from the link bellow and you can see the other one, D243, here - Neons & Cats
And theese are D244 ->

Nail Art Water Decals Transfers Sticker Pretty Black Cat Pattern 1 Sheet

They are very easy for usage and sooo cute with theese swirly tales! :)
Use the code RADIG10 to get -10% discount when you purchase something from Born Pretty Store.

Moving ahead with the polish used. It`s gel polish from Bluesky gel polish- A112. And it`s non- catchable on camera LOL

The colour is something like neon and it`s pink in person but on the pics it looks more hotter pink.

The polish isn`t so opaque because of the beautiful shimmer in it. It`s applied in three coats on the pics.
Finished with Bluesky No Wipe top coat.

*Some products are provided for review*

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  1. It was a little bit tricky to find the word "comment" on your blog as the "layout" on your blog uses the cyrillic letters, but at the end I've found the comment box :-) Unfortunately I can't read the cyrillic letters but they look so beautiful!
    Back to the main subject, your manicure: I love the pink nail polish and the cat decals are so cute! I really have to have a look at these decals the next time I'll do a collaboration with BPS. Great job!
    xoxo and have a nice evening!

    1. Thank you! Yes, the layout is in my language- Bulgarian. But the place of the comment box is still the same ;)
      The waterdecals are very cute and you won`t regret if you get them :)

  2. Oh wow this pink is stunning - I love it! And the little cat decals gorgeous! :-D