четвъртък, 10 юли 2014 г.

Mint Gel Polish & Flowers

Hello there!

I have two new decorations to show you, so without more talking, here is the first one ->

It`s gel polish over natural nails.

The mint polish used is Bluesky A47, applied in three coats. I love that polish!
On the intex and thumb nails I applied a single coat of Bluesky 400 as a base for the decoration.

As I said, the decoration is made on the index and thumb nails ->

I used acrylic paints and the one stroke technique to paint the flowers.
And finished the nails with Bluesky gel polish top coat.

And here are the nails before we change the gel polish. It`s 35 days old! :) ->

Here it is when it was new -> Candy Pink


Here it is one more time, made on square nails this time ->

4 коментара:

  1. The flowers are perfect as always and that mint green polish is a must in every collection!

  2. I really like that mint green colour! And these flowers are just so pretty!

    WOW that looks good after 35 days old :-) I remember liking it before!