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New from Born Pretty Store


Today I`ll show you what new I recieved recently from my favourite store- Born Pretty Store!

Starting now with the first cute thing on the pic- the wrist watch.

Quirky Cat Print Wrist Watch Women's Round Watch Rose Red

As you may know, I love cats, and that is the reason this watch cought my eye. It has a lady cat, made from glitter dots.

The belt is crocodile leather (not real leather, of course, for that money LOL). I chose the colour Rose- Red, but it`s available in 4 more colours- black, white, brown and red.

I love how the arrows glow in the dark ->

Cute, isn`t it? :)

Next are the candy colour thin round glitters (if I can call them glitters at all, because they`re not shinning).

1mm-2mm Mixed Nail Art Glitter Decoration Colorful Mini Round Thin Paillette Design

The box contains both- 1mm and 2mm different colours from this cuteness. :)
I think they`ll be just gorgeous to apply over white base polish or other candy colour. They`re suitable for making your own designed nail polish if you just put them in transparent polish. They`re very thin and easy to use.

Now for the waterdecals.

First are the two colours from the dolphin ones ->

Nail Art Water Decals Transfer Stickers Cute Fish Dolphin Pattern Sticker

They`re even low- priced now and now is the time to use them because they`re perfect for making summer nails.

Nothing special with the waterdecals so I`m moving ahead to the next pattern ->

Nail Art Water Decals Transfer Stickers Fantastic Feather Pattern Sticker 

Theese peacock feathers are so real and beautiful! There are also two waterdecals with peacock`s head on the sheet, but only 2... :-/

Nevermind. They have them in gold and green. I chose the green ones.

French Edge Nail Art Water Decals Transfer Stickers Colorful Flower Sticker 

Theese beautiful flowers on black french are the ones that caught my eye at first sight. I think they`ll be as gourgeous on long nails as they look on the sheet. 14 waterdecals in total on this sheet so you have double from some sizes.

Next are with flowers again ->

Butterfly & Flower Designed Nail Art Water Decals Pretty Nail Art

Nothing special here again, except they offer two designs in this link. Mines are BLE1817. The others are with butterflies and are also very beautiful.

I`ll finish this post the way I started it- with cats LOL Only this time the cats are on waterdecals ->

Nail Art Water Decals Transfers Sticker Pretty Black Cat Pattern 1 Sheet

The ones I took this time are D244 and the others from this link (D243) I already showed you in this post- Neons & Cats.

Long post, with lots of pics, but I hope I helped you with theese products from the store.
You can use the code RADIG10 to get -10% discount in
They have new even cuter waterdecals now at the store so hurry up and order some. Free worldwide shipping they offer.

* Some of the products are provided for review*

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