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New from Born Pretty Store

Here is what I got in my last package ->

Lots of stuffs we have here so I start with the detailed pics :) 

First let`s see the waterdecals:

Cute cats whole nail waterdecals which you can find here ->

4 Patterns/Sheet Cute Cat Water Decals Cartoon Pattern Nail Art Transfers Stickers

Please, have on mind that they`re huge and you have to cut them to match the nail.

Second ones are with feathers ->

1 pc Colorful Feathers Water Decals Rose Flowers Transfer Nail Stickers

The last waterdecals are with Marilyn Monroe ->

1Sheet Stylish Plum Blossom Marilyn Monroe Image Nail Art Water Decals Transfer Stickers - XF1557

Let`s move on with the stamping plates next ->

First one is with flowers, corset, a girl`s face ->

Blooming Flower Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate Pattern #ZJ06

Second one- illusion ->

Illusion Theme Nail Art Stamp Template Vines Image Plate BORN PRETTY BP-L027 12.5 x 6.5cm

And the third one- again flowers ->

Tulip Pattern Nail Art Stamp Template Rose Image Plate BORN PRETTY BP-L029 12.5 x 6.5cm

Here is the squishy stamper ->

It`s huge and soft and you can take any image and place it perfect on the nail from side to side.

4cm XL Stamper Squishy Marshmallow Big Nail Art Stamper & 1pc BORNPRETTY Scraper

And now the colour changing polish. Soon you`ll see a review of it on my nails so don`t miss it.
I have the same colour gel polish from Bluesky and it`s gorgeous!

1 Bottle 7.5ml Thermal Nail Polish Temperature Color Changing Nail Polish #6

It gets from magenta to white from cold to hot.

Next and finally are the nail jewels.
The spiders are only two pieces but they`re verry good (althought I hate spiders LOL)

2Pcs/set Shiny Rhinestone Spider Nail Studs Charming 3D Nail Art Decoration

And the sexy lips with red crystals ->

10Pcs Sexy Lips Crown 3D Nail Decoration Shinging Rhinestone For UV Gel Nail Art

Lot`s of great stuffs, ha?

Find them and much more in and use the code RADIG10 to get -10% discount in the store. Now they have SALE on many of the items so hurry up before they`re sold out.

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