неделя, 23 август 2015 г.

Nail Art decorations from Lady Queen

In this post I`ll show you what I got from Lady Queen ->

It`s a nail art wheel and a stamping plate.

The nail art wheel contains 24 pieces 3d decorative oval rhinestones in 6 colours (4pcs in each colour).
You can find it in the link bellow ->

24Pcs 3D Nail Art Decoration Oval Shape Colorful Nail Wheel Agate stone Nail Art Tools

The stamping plate is hehe018 and it`s even low- priced now ->

Rose Hexagon Square Mesh Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate hehe018

You can go and visit for even more great offers. They soon opened a new section in the store, called "Flash Sale" where you can find good quality items for reasonable prices. 
Use the code DPLC15 to get -15% discount in the store. They have a free shipping worldwide!

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