неделя, 23 август 2015 г.

Indigo Mermaid Effect & whole nail waterdecal

Hello friends!

I`m here finaly after my vacation and I`m full of new nails and posts I`ve prepeared :)

Starting with my new favourite in the nail decorations- IndigoNails Lab- Mermaid Effect.

Theese are my natural nails with gel polish. I used Bluesky "Pink My Valentine" for the pink nails and Bluesky 501 for the white ones. On the middle finger and thumb nails I made gradient between the two colours. And over the sticky layer of those nails I applied the Mermaid effect.

On the index nails I placed a whole nail flower waterdecal from Born Pretty Store.

I`m in love with this foil effect Indigo gave on my nails! <3
Do you like it, too?

Here are my previous nails, 18 days old ->

And here are theese ones (I had to change my index nail`s decoration because the waterdecal peeled off... :/ ), 19 days old ->

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