сряда, 18 март 2015 г.

Pink neon gel polish with colorful decoration

Again gel polish over natural nails
The polish used is Bluesky gel polish OS12.

On the index nails I applied two coats of Bluesky gel polish 501 first.
Then, using sponge, I applied the four neon colours- Bluesky gel polish OS12, DC47, N08, A111.
After that I painted a flower on the whole nail using black acrylic paint and just added yellow neon stud rhinestone in the middle.
Finished with Bluesky gel polish top coat.


Here it is again on another nails, only this time I used Bluesky N25 as a main color and Bluesky N34 instead of N08 ->

And another EDIT:

This time I used Bluesky gel polish SR45 as a main colour- a polish from the sand collection of Bluesky. Other colours used are the same.

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