сряда, 30 декември 2015 г.

4D gel by Bluesky

This is the last scream in the nail art industry- 4D gel or plastiline.
It`s very fun to work wih it and here is the first design I made on different nails.

First are mines ->

The hat, the heart and the gloves are made with 4D white gel from Bluesky gel polish No.02.

For the base of the decorated nails I applied Bluesky CS27

The small finger and the thumb nails are made with the sweater technique- white polish (Bluesky 501) with matt top coat and then painted the elements with the polish and covered with decorative sand.
Decorative sand I applied also on the branches on some of the nails.

I added velvet powder on the gloves and the hat to make them more realistic.

Here it is on another nails and with snowflake instead of the sweater print ->

And finaly one mani with the same teddy bear and sweather elements but in black ->

I used Bluesky 504 for a base here and 518 for the black. On the index nails I sticked heart- shaped key nail jewel.

And here it is one more time in black ->

Here it is in red color, too ->

I used Bluesky gel polish 521 for the red and 4D gel No.8.

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