петък, 4 септември 2015 г.

Neon nails with swirls pigment decoration

In this post you`ll see three different manis with one thing used as a decoration- neon pigment :)

No.1. Orange nails and gradient swirls ->

I used Bluesky N31 for the orange nails and Bluesky 518 for the black base. The swirls, as I already said, are made with neon pigments.

No.2 Neon pink nails and neon yellow swirls ->

Here I used Mack`s Professional uv gel paint in this colour to paint the nails.
The swirls are made only with yellow pigment this time.

And No.3. Black french with combo for the decoration between the neon butterflies and the swirls ->

Bluesky 518 used for the french and yellow, green and pink pigments used for the decoration.

And later I added No.4 to the collection, made with gel polish on natural nails ->

I used Bluesky gel polish QXG109 for the pink/orange nails.

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