неделя, 31 май 2015 г.

Orange & Yellow Neon nails

I`ll show you one decoration, made on two different people- mother and daughter. At the end of the post I`ll show you one different style of nail art photography made by the cute photographer Djesika Krushkova and it`s expressing the love between mother and daughter.

Hands No.1 ->

For both manis I used same polishes- the orange neon is Bluesky gel polish N31 and the yellow one- Bluesky N34 over white base.
On two of the nails by hand I made a gradient between the two colours and over it, using Bluesky stripping pen GP02, I painted the black elements.

Hnads No.2 ->

Both manis are made with gel polish on natural nails.

And now, the beautiful shots I promissed:

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