неделя, 7 декември 2014 г.

Christmas 'Me To You'- 2014 edition


It turned to something like a tradition for me as the Christmas is nearby to paint Me To You bears :)
In this post I`ll show you some of them and I`ll edit the post if something new comes out.

First are with regular polish over gel- covered natural nails ->

For the red french nails I used Flormar Supermatte M101 and over it- China Glaze- Ring in the red.
The snowflakes are stamped using Born Pretty Store`s QA58 stamping plate.

Next one is with gel polish over natural nails. ->

Here as a base I used Bluesky gel polish 535 and for the french I used one of their new colours- Bluesky gel polish DANCE14.

Same stamping plate used here for the snowflakes- QA58 and I added red glitter in the middle.
Finished the nails with Bluesky gel polish top coat.

Ме То You #3 ->

Again made over gel- covered nails. Flormar Supermatte M101 used for the french. The stamping plate for the snowflakes is the same as above- QA58.

Me To You #4 ->

Konad m59 used for the snowflakes here.

Me To You #5 ->

Here I used Flormar Supermatte M101 + China Glaze Ring in the red for the red french, QA58 for the snowflakes.

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