вторник, 28 октомври 2014 г.

Birthday Me To You

As it`s visible from the title, this one is made for birthday and it`s with the most favourite of all time animations- Me To You.

Here, I used two polishes for the french- Flormar Supermatte M109 and over it a coat of Maybelline Colorama 54. Natural nails, I forgot to mention.

The decoration is all hand- painted with acrylic paints and it`s placed on the nails using the Transfer technique. Here they are ->

On the middle finger nails I placed three red pearls in a row.
Finished with Poshe top coat.

And here are the nails (natural) with the old decoration, 15 days later ->


Here they are again, only this time with hot pink french ->

I used China Glaze- Love`s a Beach in  a single coat.
On the thumb nails I wrote "I love you" with acrylic paints.

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