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Step by Step Foil Butterfly

Good morning friends!

Some of you may noticed that I haven`t posted tutorials for a long time. So sorry for that but this month I can`t find time to do that. Now I`ll make it.
You`ll see a step by step tutorial of how to make a beautiful butterfly using nail foil (you can see them in another colour foil and on nails in this post -> Foil Butterflies

Here is what you`ll need:
- base coat, top coat, a piece of foil and foil glue, black acrylic paint and detailed brush, Essence colour arts base(I use it over the foil before the top coat to avoid wrinkle)

And now the steps:

1. Apply the base coat and let it dry well.
2. Carefully apply the nail glue in a form you like to be foiled- in that case- two butterflies.

3. When the foil glue becomes transparrent you can start applying the foil.
4. Make it one by one for the wings to be sure no excess foil is on the nail.

5. Apply the Essense base over the foil and be careful so you won`t get your foil blurred (as I did grrrr).
6. Start outlining the butterflies with black acrylic paint.

7. Continue with the outlining as you make the other elements inside the butterfly, too.
8. Make the bodies of the butterfles, too.

9. Apply base coat!
My advice is to use either water- based top coat or non- fast drying because the fast drying top makes the foil wrinkle.

Hope you`ve enjoyed the tutorial! 

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