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Step by step Chanel Couture Nails


Today I wasinspired from that picture of Chanel ->

Picture source: Internet

to make this Step by Step with a little something extra from me :)
This is one quick and easy- to- do mani which couldn`t stay unseen.
Here are the things you`ll need for making it:
Silver and pink polish, top coat, Chanel logo stamping plate, scrapper and stamper, black paint for stamping.

1. Apply a coat of the silver polish.
2. Apply another coat of the pink polish as you start it a little lower from the cutticle area and from the two sides- part of the silver polish has to be visible.


And you can stop here if you want- you will have just the same as Chanel showed on their review. But if you want you can continue with the next steps as you can make them on only one nail as an accent or on all nails.

3. Apply black paint on the stamping plate, take off the excess paint with the scrapper and take the picture of the logo on the stamper ->


4. Place the logo in the center of the pink as you apply it from one end to the other.


5. and 6. Apply top coat!


Now you know how to make them! :)

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